Our food isn’t just beautiful, it is safe too! We take food safety seriously. To ensure these safety standards are upheld, please eat your platter/grazing table within 4 hours. Or store (covered) in the fridge until later that day.
Food should not be out of the fridge for more than six hours. After this period food must be thrown out. Once delivered it is your responsibility to ensure these standards are met. Once the platter is in your possession, the responsibility is passed on to the host.


The Epicure Platter Terms & Conditions

This Catering Contract is entered into between The Epicure Platter (“Caterer”) and

(“Client”) (together, “Parties”) and sets forth the agreement between the Parties

relating to catering services to be provided by the Caterer for Client for the event that has been agreed upon via email.

Your email will cover:

1. Event details

Client is hiring Caterer to provide food for the following event (“Event”):


Event start time (for guests): [EVENT START TIME] (“Start Time”)

Location: [VENUE] (“Venue”)

Estimated number of guests: [GUEST COUNT ESTIMATE]

2. Menu to be served - mixed grazing table.

3. Coordination with venue

Caterer will need to have access to the Venue no later than [PREP ADVANCE TIME] hours

in advance of the Start Time for the Event, and [CLEAN UP TIME] will need to be arranged

in advance. Client will make all necessary arrangements, at Client’s expense, to get this

access arranged.

4. Payment terms

In exchange for the services of Caterer as specified in these T&Cs, Client will

pay to Caterer the agreed upon* platter size but in no event

no less than the size provided by Client to Caterer when the deposit invoice was paid.

Payment will be made to the Caterer as follows: 10% deposit due to secure the date,

and the balance will be due one month in advance of the event for any catering services including tables equal to or greater than 5' in length. Platter service balance will be due one day prior to delivery.

5. Responsibilities for related costs

Client is solely responsible for all costs and/or deposits relating to use of the Venue, and

for obtaining any necessary permissions, authorizations, or other requirement of Caterer

providing services at the Venue.

6. Cancellation

If the Client needs to cancel the event, Client must provide written notice to Caterer along

with any required cancellation fee described in this Catering Contract, to effect


Client understands that upon entering into this Contract, Caterer is committing time and

resources to this Event and thus cancellation would result in lost income and lost business

opportunities in an amount hard to precisely calculate. Therefore, the following

cancellation limitations will apply. If Client requests cancellation of this Contract 90 days or

more before the Event, Caterer shall be entitled to 10% of the Estimated Total Cost. If client request cancellation 45-89 days before the event, (25%) of the contract total will be owed to Caterer. If client requests cancellation 31-44 days before the event, (50%) of the contract total will be owed to Caterer. If

Client wishes to cancel the event within 30 days of the Event, Caterer shall be entitled to

(100%) of the Estimated Total Cost.

The Client’s deposit will be credited against the cancellation fees owed. Any balance will

be payable upon the notice of cancellation.

7. Assignment

This Contract cannot be assigned by either Party without the other’s written consent, with

the exception set forth in paragraph 9, below.

8. Limitation of remedies

If Caterer cannot fulfill its obligations under this Contract for reasons outside of its control,

Caterer may locate and retain a replacement catering company at no additional cost to

Client, or refund Client’s money in full. Caterer will not be responsible for any additional

damages or compensation under these circumstances.

10. Resolution of disputes

The Parties agree to not post any negative information about the other arising out of this

Contract or Event on any online forum or website without providing advance written notice

of the intended content thereof, and providing the other party with an opportunity to resolve

any issues between the parties amicably.

11. Jurisdiction and Venue

This Contract will be interpreted according to the laws of the Boise City Council.

12. Entire Agreement

This document, along with its exhibits and attachments, constitutes the entire agreement

between the Parties.


  • wording changed 9/19/19 - note if invoice is changed and numbers are lowered - the latest price is require to be paid.