Image by Kim Daniels

Catering available in Boise and Beyond


I am the creator and founder of The Epicure Platter and to say I have a mild obsession with all things food would be an understatement.

My food service experience started in 2008 when I began working for Trader Joe's lucky enough to be surrounded by all the best cheese, produce, and wine all day, everyday....I mean can a girl ask for anything better?

I have a deep passion for cooking with the seasons and sharing food with anyone who will let me cook for them. When I am not in the kitchen you can usually find me studying about new ingredients, tending to my plant family, or running around town having some sort of outdoor adventure with my kids. 

The Epicure Platter was born out of the desire to share beautiful and delicious food! Our values are integrated in everything we do, from start to finish. We believe that food is the most nutritious and flavorful when you follow the seasons and eat at their peak ripeness.

By following the seasons and supporting our local farmers and makers we can create the best looking and tasting food showcasing the abundance of our beautiful valley.

We love to collaborate with like minded passionate people in our community and also love to be challenged. We thrive on creativity and enjoy customizing everything to meet your needs! 

Image by Elisa Michelet